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The run is for the cause of Autism- the 'a' in Cause-a-thon represents autism. This like last year most of the responsibilities will be handled (of course with supervision) by kids who have special needs and some who have Autism. We are all very proud and also full of gratitude that kids would give away medals, give away refreshments, give away water and also perform and compere the event and also run. They will take charge of the event.

So in case you are thinking of registering for the run, I would like to tell you that it is not just about completing the run and leaving but much more than that. We want you to GIVE us a lot of things and also TAKE away a lot of things.

Please help us to make the kids who are running 1km feel great by clapping and applaudingthem at the finish line. These little ones are already getting sensitized to the cause and we are their role models. Once you finish the run, please ensure that you give lots of appreciation (simple pat on the back or thumbs up) to the kids so that they feel motivated- the aim is to make them feel that they are great-They are different than us but we ACCEPT them the way they are. For it is you all who make up the society if each one of us ACCEPTS them the way they are without being JUDGEMENTAL, we have achieved our purpose.

If you are ready to give and take away, just jump in and be a part of the movement of CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES..